Google is polishing up Android TV and Play Store for Wear OS


Google has announced new features for its Android TV operating system. The new features include a new watchlist to which users can now add films and series. To do this, you have to long press on a piece of content in the Discover tab, and then select “Add to watchlist” in the following menu.

The watch list itself also appears in the Discover view and can also be maintained from other devices such as cell phones or laptops. Another new feature is that you can use swiping gestures to teach an algorithm about your own preferences: In the discover overview there is a button to improve the proposed content. If you choose this one, you will be confronted with various films and series that you can either give the thumbs up or the thumbs down. Android TV remembers these preferences and adapts future proposals based on them, explains Google in a blog post.

Trailer will automatically play Android TV in the future. If you want to deactivate this, you can switch off the function in the device settings. All of these functions are already available on Google TV, a special interface based on the Android TV operating system. In future, they can be used on all Android TVs.

In another blog post Google has also announced new features for the Play Store, from which watches with the Wear OS smartwatch operating system should benefit. New filters in the Play Store should help to find apps and dials for smart watches.

Google also wants to offer curated lists of popular applications for smartwatches in the Play Store in the future. These functions are also available on the smartphone that is linked to the watch. In addition, Google is revising the look of the Play Store when you call it up directly from the smartwatch. This should make it easier to navigate through the app store on the small displays of smart watches. Important information should be displayed in maps that are easier to read.


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