Google News Showcase is now also available on the desktop

Google News Showcase is now also available on the desktop. In Google News, i.e. on the page with content from weather to information about Covid-19 and news, there is a tab that separately displays the curated reports of the partners, who in turn receive money for them.

News Showcase is, on the one hand, an extra tab in the selection of messages in the menu on the left. In addition, the tile or smartphone screen view can be found in the carousel as a news source under the top news. The content comes from the media companies and brands themselves. It can be the most important topics of the day, but also news related to a topic.

It is different with the recently launched Facebook News, where the editors themselves have no influence on the reports that appear; instead, they are curated by Upday, a subsidiary of Axel Springer. In addition, suggestions should match the interests of the reader based on their behavior.

Google’s news service also only started a few months ago, Germany kicked off with Brazil, followed by Great Britain, Italy and Australia, among others. The dispute over the media law introduced there also ended there with the introduction. This stipulates that Facebook and Google publishers have to pay license fees for displaying messages. The main issue here is the dominant position of the services and the associated advertising revenue, for which licenses are intended to compensate. With the agreements between publishers, Google and Facebook, the legal payments are off the table.

Everyone at the desktop in one of the eight countries that are included can now under also find news showcases, regardless of browser or device, writes Google in a blog post. The individual editorial offices or brands have a “favorite” star so that you can also follow them. Behind the name is a page that shows all the news in chronological order. Clicks lead to the media company’s website. Google displays selected messages that are actually behind a payment barrier to its customers free of charge.


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