Google opens its first completely own retail store modeled on the Apple Store

With the opening of a permanent store, Google is entering the classic retail sector. The first so-called Google Store is due to open this summer in the New York borough of Chelsea, where the company already has its US east coast headquarters. Among other things, Google wants to offer its Pixel cell phones and notebooks as well as Fitbit fitness trackers and Smarthome equipment from the Nest brand there.

The subsidiary of the Alphabet Group is relying on the recipe for success of the iPhone giant Apple, which operates hundreds of such businesses and has been increasing its sales for years. In the Google Store, according to the company blog not just selling products. Experts should also offer technical customer service there, for example help with defective pixel screens or problems with installation. In addition, services such as subscriptions or Google’s Fi mobile network are likely to be offered for sale.

The Google Store in New York is after the count Ars Technicas Google’s fourth attempt, to open your own shop. Previously, there were rumors about stores in Chicago and New York’s Soho neighborhood over the years. But that has just as little turned into anything concrete as the floating shops for Google Glass.

So far, Google has been represented in various branches of the retailer Best Buy in the USA and in the Dixon’s chain in Great Britain with “Chrome Stores” in which consultants trained by Google work. Reports that Google is planning its own stores have been around since 2013. Now the Internet company has officially announced a Google Store for the first time.

(with material from the dpa)


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