Google Play Brings A Feature That Increases Download Speed

Google Play launches a feature that will speed up the application download and save memory. Gradually starting to appear on phones, ‘application installation optimization’ works according to the data provided by the users and downloads the most necessary parts of the applications first.

Android’s application platform Google Play, is preparing to launch a new feature that will speed up the application download process. Thanks to the feature that has been tested since last month, the applications, in pieces It will be able to be operated faster according to the preferences of the users.

Google, this new feature ‘application loading optimization ‘ says. The feature, which is gradually being used on all Android devices, is clearly in the default settings. The installation optimization feature is expected to benefit users, especially in applications that are downloaded in a hurry.

It identifies the most necessary parts of the application:

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The ‘app install optimization’ feature works simply like this: Google analyzes what parts of the app are used by the audience immediately after installing the app. This process works independently of information such as name and e-mail address. Later, if the feature is turned on for you, the application gives priority to these parts. Google, thanks to this feature devices’ processing power, memory and battery can be saved says. In addition, it is thought that this process can be very useful, since waiting for the applications to come down in emergency situations can cause problems.

If the feature came to your Android device, you will see a notification about it when you first enter Google Play. Application installation optimization is already openly available on the platform. If you want to turn it off, it is possible to do this in the settings section. The new feature is planned to work better as it collects data.

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