Google Removes 9 Harmful Apps from Google Play Store


9 apps on Google Play Store that steal users’ Facebook accounts have been removed. The total downloads of these applications have exceeded 5.8 million.

The Google Play Store, the application store of technology giant Google, is literally a flea market. There are so many useful applications in it, as well as dozens of them. malicious app it can be too. These applications, on the other hand, can present themselves as harmless applications and infect users’ devices with viruses or steal their accounts.

Google, on the other hand, steals users’ Facebook information by pretending to be innocent. 9 applications Removed from Google Play Store. These apps are so good at hiding themselves that the total number of downloads of apps 5.8 million in the past.

Apps steal your Facebook information


The company that scans these dangerous applications and solves their functioning is a famous security firm. Dr. Web it happened. Dr. According to the web researchers’ statement, the application removes the malware from the moment it is installed on the phone. starts to run and pulls the necessary data from the server. Then, in any application that you log in with Facebook, you a code It collects your username and password. In addition, when you log in steals your cookies too software, this information and cookies to hackers selling.

Researchers have found that some of these applications Android exclusive developed and 2 of them are used to prepare applications for multiple platforms.FlutterHe found that it was done with the development software named ”. Google officials said in a statement that the applications in question are available from the Google Play Store. has been removed and the developers of these applications permanently announced it was banned. But unfortunately, developers can open a new developer account for a one-time use. $ 25 After paying, they can upload similar applications to the Google Play Store.

Apps and downloads that steal your Facebook passwords

Harmful apps


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If you have downloaded one of these applications, it will be installed on your device. virus scan and set your Facebook account password a different device change over.

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