Google Stadia attracts game companies with reduced fees

Google wants to attract more game developers and publishers to its cloud gaming service Stadia with a series of measures. The revenue share will drop to 15 percent from October. At the same time, Google gives Stadia developers a bigger share of subscription income. There is also an affiliate program in which Google Stadia rewards clicks that generate new subscribers.

The most important point for game companies is likely to be Google’s lower revenue share. Google stated as part of his Stadia developer conferencethat developers and publishers will receive 85 percent of all game sales for at least two years from October 1, 2021. The participation is only reset to the previous ratio if the total revenue is 3 million US dollars or more. The industry standard is 30 percent.

In addition, Google wants to share a larger part of its subscription income with game companies whose titles belong to the Stadia Pro range, i.e. are only available to paying members. Google will give the game companies 70 percent of its subscription income based on the activities of the users in the individual games. This applies to all new titles added to Stadia Pro from now on.

With its affiliate program, Google also wants to encourage developers and publishers to actively promote their Stadia Pro games. With so-called click-to-play links, Google will pay ten dollars per user who will become paying customers after the trial month. This affiliate program is scheduled to start early next year.

Google gave up the plan to develop its own games for Stadia a few months ago. The development studio “Stadia Games and Entertainment” was closed again after less than two years of operation – with no game announcements or publications.

The Stadia cloud service seemed to be on the sidelines. Instead, according to the Stadia boss, Google prefers to focus on infrastructure, developer tools and collaboration with business partners. There is now support for Stadia on new Chromecasts and Nvidia Shields.


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