Google Will Show Users’ Carbon Footprints

Google talked about the many innovations and improvements it brought to the cloud service at its Cloud Next event today. One of these improvements is the detailed reports that show how much carbon emissions are caused by users’ use of cloud services. Here are the details of the feature.

Googleperformed today Cloud Next announced its new collaborations, the improvements it has already made in the services it offers, and the innovations that come to the platform in general. In this context artificial intelligence and machine learning These developments, which will enable people working in the field to see their work from a single place, will be added to the platform in their full form in the future.

In addition to the innovations it has brought to make the work done on the platform easier and more efficient, Google has nature friendly by making another move that shows that it follows the policies of its users. how much to carbon emissions It also brought a feature that will allow them to see the data about the cause.

It will be possible to monitor how much carbon emissions the use of Cloud causes:

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Responsible for managing Google Cloud’s data and technology projects Jenn Bennett; A new evolution in carbon footprint reporting through collaborations with customers such as HSBC, L’Oréal and Atos. transparency level He said he got it.

According to an ongoing project, product or region, which customers in the time interval Stating that they can monitor how much carbon emissions they cause, Bennett said that after the companies receive their detailed reports, they will discuss how to reduce the climate impacts they cause. getting advice He says it’s the next step.

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To show these recommendations Unattended Projects The Suggestions tab will appear in the (Unviewed Projects) section. From here, users unnecessary By disabling sources, it will both have a simpler project environment and reduce the level of emissions caused.


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Besides, it saves users from the confusion of the Cloud. Active Assist Recommender to the section Sustainability Impact category will be added. This includes users’ Cloud settings. most efficient will enable them to optimize.

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