Google’s Autonomous Taxi Handed Its Passengers Difficult Times


Waymo, the autonomous taxi service of the technology giant Google, is on the agenda with the vehicle crisis this time. It gave a hard time to the autonomous taxi passenger and other drivers on the road in the USA

One of the vehicles of the Waymo brand, which offers autonomous taxi service by technology giant Google, was stuck at a crossroads in the USA. Meanwhile, YouTuber Joel Johnson, who was recording for his YouTube video, recorded all the events. Calling the Waymo service, Johnson did what the person on the hotline said and waited for the rescue team to arrive in the vehicle.

But before the service arrived, the confused vehicle started to move again and continued to move uncontrollably. The vehicle that moved suddenly and returned from the intersection came to a complete stop this time.

Even in the first minutes, Johnson realized that something was wrong. The autonomous vehicle was making aggressive maneuvers, hard turns and sudden acceleration – these were not what autonomous vehicles would do.

Johnson recorded everything:

Taking a sigh of relief with the arrival of the rescue team, Johnson shared this whole process on his YouTube channel. The vehicle, which later hesitated about whether to turn or not at both intersections, suddenly stops at the third intersection and cannot even react to the commands on the passenger’s screen. Talking to the service on the passenger screen of the vehicle that suddenly switches its system to the service menu, Johnson is told that the service will arrive in 5-6 minutes and the seat belt must be fastened, despite the possibility of the car moving. The expedition almost completely closes the road. After the service arrives, the vehicle gets stuck again while trying to get out of that situation with pride and stubbornness.


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While everything is on its way, this time the vehicle suddenly accelerates and continues on its route and leaves the service staff behind. Meanwhile, the service employees who came to Johson’s help open the doors of the vehicle and stop the vehicle completely. This taxi, which is too stubborn to expect from an automation vehicle, seems to have given Johnson some tense moments.

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