Gorillas workers protest again in front of the headquarters in Berlin


A few dozen drivers of the Gorillas food delivery service protested again in front of the company’s headquarters in Berlin for better working conditions. The initiators of the campaign previously criticized the Twitter news service regarding working hours and sick leave regulations as well as what they considered to be insufficient pay. On banners they asked other employees to leave their bicycles and take part in the protest. In the afternoon, Gorillas Managing Director Kagan Sümer visited the demonstrating employees for a conversation.

In the past, there were repeated protests among the drivers. Gorillas is a young competitor in the fast growing grocery delivery market. The company promises to be with the customer just ten minutes after placing the order. Gorillas mainly delivers supermarket items and not restaurant orders.

The company is taking “the concerns of our employees very seriously,” it announced on Monday. The employees were already two weeks ago Improvement measures presented and been on the way. Among other things, it is about the possibility of instant access to the payroll.


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