Greens want climate-neutral road traffic “well before” 2050


According to the Greens, the proportion of renewable energies in road traffic should increase to 30 percent by 2030 and to 100 percent “well before” 2050. This emerges from a resolution by the party’s parliamentary group on its fuel strategy. They want to “implement these goals also through the greenhouse gas quota”.

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“Only fuels that meet strict ecological standards should be allowed to count towards the quota in the future. In particular, fossil fuels, but also biogenic fuels based on food and feed, must be deleted,” it says

Decision on the fuel strategy

. “Synthetic fuels should only be able to be taken into account when a reliable supply of areas such as air traffic has been ensured through an increasing admixture quota.”

Overall, the battery-electric drive must enjoy priority “as the most efficient of all technology options”. In this way the energy requirement would be kept as low as possible and the technical advantage would be used. Hydrogen is most likely to be used in heavy road freight transport. In the opinion of the Greens, biogenic fuels should continue to power heavy road vehicles in the future, but if possible based on waste and residual materials. There is too little of the synthetic fuel for use in road traffic and should be reserved for air and shipping traffic.

In addition, the Greens demand that the CO2-Fleet limits for new cars and new trucks are becoming more ambitious. The limit values ​​should also not be weakened by additional mechanisms; for example, alternative fuels should not be allowed to count. The Greens want to realign funding guidelines and instruments such as the truck toll and promote the expansion of renewable energies for transport. At the same time, the tax privileges for fossil fuels should be reduced.

Since September 2020, Volkswagen has been delivering the ID.3, the first electric car in its major e-sector offensive.
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In their vision of a traffic turnaround, car and truck traffic will be shifted to environmentally friendly buses and trains and pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be expanded. “But in the future too, cars, trucks and other vehicles will remain part of traffic and consume energy,” conceded the Greens. In the case of automobiles at least, developments in industry have shown that the focus will be on battery-electric drives.


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