Groom Checking His Phone While Bride Walks Towards Him


A video shared by a woman on TikTok soon went viral. The reason the video attracts so much attention is that the groom checks his phone as the bride walks towards him. The rationale is even more interesting; Cryptocurrencies never sleep.

What many people refer to as ‘the most special day of their life’ wedding days, from time to time he can be a partner in funny moments. Thanks to the Internet, we have plenty of such fun videos in our lives. Among these videos, another video that made you laugh with its story was added.

In the video, which was shared by a TikTok user and went viral in a short time, there is actually nothing very ‘funny’ at first glance. In the video, on the wedding day, his wife-to-be suddenly walked towards him. take your phone out of your pocket There is a man controlling. Even though it’s pretty short, it’s right on the man’s face the moment he looks at his phone. slight change in expression appears.

‘Cryptocurrencies don’t sleep’:

Taylor Loren, who published the video, shared another explanation video after the video attracted great attention in a short time and it will be difficult to answer thousands of comments one by one. In the video, it is not clear what the man is looking at on the phone, and this is naturally curious.

In order to satisfy this curiosity, the woman by posting another video to his wife What are you looking at on your phone at the time? he asked. The answer he received was the only part of the incident that made him laugh; ‘Because crypto never sleeps’.


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After the video was published on TikTok, Taylor Loren, who posted the video, received many interesting messages and comments. Some exaggerate the situation a little, ‘Are you still married?’, ‘I would leave it there’, ‘You should divorce now’ Some said that they were more optimistic and thought that they were about to take a photo of the bride.

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