Group of Thieves Hijacked Apple Delivery Truck

In the incident that took place in England, a group of thieves hijacked a delivery truck with an Apple product worth about 5 million pounds. The thieves hijacked the truck and drove it to a deserted place, and disappeared after transferring the products to their own truck.

Cupertino-based technology giant AppleAs you know, it produces some high-end electronic devices for users. These products that Apple launches are generally on the agenda with high prices. So much so that the company’s newest flagship smartphone family iPhone 12’lerhas sales prices starting from 10 thousand TL in our country.

Apple’s lightweight and expensive products, naturally thieves is the first target. In a news we shared this morning, a cargo officer was assigned for delivery in China. 14 adet iPhone 12 Pro Max’i you escaped by taking we transferred. Now, an unknown group of thieves has been building a multi-million dollar Apple product. truck missed reported.

The hijacked truck contained £ 5 million worth of Apple products:


According to reports, about the delivery truck kidnapped by thieves 5 million British pounds There were worth Apple products. In the incident that occurred in Northamptonshire County, England, the thieves were full 48 palette It was stated that he attacked the truck to steal the Apple product.

Local police said the gang of thieves hijacked the truck carrying Apple products and linked the driver and security guard. According to the statement, the thieves who hijacked the truck and took it to a distant place, to your own truck After transferring, he escaped, leaving the hostages and the truck behind.

Law enforcement officials, who initiated an investigation into the incident, said, “Any Apple product offered for sale in unusual conditions or prices far below the market He said he wanted to “talk to anyone who knew someone who sells.”


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Inside the hijacked truck Apple Watch, iPad models and chargers Reportedly, there are many Apple products, including. Investigations regarding the incident that happened in the past week are still ongoing.