GTA Online’s Mode that Shorten the Entry Time Comes to the Game

Developed for GTA Online and shortening the game entry time by 70 percent, the mod did not escape Rockstar Games’ pursuit. The developer, who made statements on the subject, announced that he earned $ 10 thousand from the company due to this mod, and Rockstar Games officials announced that the mod will be included in the game in future updates.

One of the hot topics of GTA Online players in recent weeks is that a third-party developer has prepared and game entry time by up to 70 percent moddu. The mode, which is the dream of many players, could not be experienced by many gamers due to the fear of ban. However, this situation seems to be left behind in a short time. Because Rockstar Games developers also use this third-party developer’s mod. didn’t ignore.

According to the developer named “T0st”, which developed the mod, the number one reason for the late launch of GTA Online is a problem in processors. it was a bottleneck. What caused this bottleneck was a “JSON” document included in the game files. Here T0st is the optimization in this document by improvinghad managed to increase the opening speed of the game. Saying that the JSON file was trying to access unnecessary information and read them, T0st made sure that only the correct files were read.

Rockstar Games will pay 10 thousand dollars to T0st

GTA Online

T0st, who made an announcement on his social media accounts, said that Rockstar Games had contacted him and that he himself was in the error reward program, which is evaluated only in the detection of critical security problems that it is included told. Mentioning that he was awarded within the scope of this program, the developer, 10 thousand dollars declares that he has received payment. So what does this mean for GTA Online players?


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Rockstar Games officials, which PC Gamer editors managed to reach, made a statement on the subject. Not mentioning the award and other details, the developers said that T0st is an in-game detected improvementthey said it was important. Speaking about the future of the mod, the developers said, will be included in the gameThus, they announced that the loading time would be shortened. With that update released, players won’t have to wait minutes to enter GTA Online.