Guide to 3D printers: the best printing templates for free


You don’t have to create 3D models yourself and you don’t have to pay for them. TechStage shows a selection of the best free print templates for the home 3D printer.

Sensible and well-equipped 3D printers are now available for less than 200 euros. But what should you actually print out with it if you don’t actually have any experience with creating 3D models? The answer to this question are the numerous templates downloaded from the Internet. If you look around on the different platforms, you will find free 3D templates for practically every topic. The choice is so large that it is difficult to find your way around.

The pages we prefer to visit include:

If you want to simplify the search for a special template, you should use the 3D template search engine Yeggi, STLFinder or 3DFindIt try out.

In the following, we show practical, funny and simply beautiful print templates on different topics and give advice on what to consider when printing.

Beginners in the field of 3D printing should cautiously familiarize themselves with the topic and not print too complex objects at the beginning to avoid frustration. In particular, the correct setting and setting of support structures can quickly lead to unsuccessful printing processes without experience.

It is easier with objects that are optimized so that printing works even without support. Here is a whole selection of such templates. As the example of Medieval Castle or the Deadpool bust, which we have already printed several times, shows, these easy-to-print objects do not have to be boring or poor in detail at the same time.

To try different things, we recommend using inexpensive and uncomplicated PLA. With real functional parts, however, you should use more stable ABS or PETG.


Benchy by CreativeTools

The Benchy looks nice and should be printed without support. The small ship also serves as a stress test for the printer. More information on the 3D-Benchy-Website.

The parts are usually not exposed to mechanical stress and so the material only plays a role if the finished objects are to be used outdoors, for example. ABS or PETG are suitable here, since PLA could become soft or even melt in direct sunlight.

For example, multicolored filaments, which change color when exposed to sunlight or temperature changes, are exciting. We have also had good experiences with luminescent filaments. If you want to use more sensitive PLA-based filaments outdoors, you should coat the finished prints with a layer of epoxy resin to make them resistant.

For interiors, rainbow, wood, stone filaments PLA-based are just as good choices as PLA rainbow filament. The selection of templates in the decoration area ranges from classic busts and figures to action figures, vases and modern art.