Hackers Send Bitcoin Donation Email on Behalf of WHO


World Health Organization, which has become the number one target of hackers due to coronavirus pandemics, is now on the agenda with fake e-mails. Hackers claim that they have collected Bitcoin donations on behalf of the World Health Organization via e-mails they sent to thousands of people.

Sitting at the center of the agenda with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic world Health Organizationhas come to the forefront with its support to governments for a long time, both for their explanations and for controlling the epidemic.

However, the World Health Organization is not only fighting the coronavirus, but also with hackers trying to deal. Because hackers have repeatedly carried out cyber attacks on the World Health Organization during the pandemic process.

world Health Organization

Hackers can only tell the World Health Organization cyber attack they are not targeted. Some hackers are also trying to collect donations from people using the name of the World Health Organization. The new information that has emerged now is that hackers can reach thousands of people via e-mail and Bitcoin and they want to donate through their derivatives.

Email sent by hackers


What hackers send to people email When we look at the details, it is mentioned that the World Health Organization works for the coronavirus epidemic worldwide, there are dozens of institutions and organizations such as the World Health Organization and that the World Health Organization manages the services of these institutions and organizations and in this context donations Emphasis is placed on the importance and donations can be made through "Bitcoin".

Shared by hackers Bitcoin When we take a closer look at the wallet, it turns out that malicious pirates try to collect Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Fortunately, hackers who haven't been able to defraud anyone wallets completely empty.

Bitcoin Cash

Due to coronavirus pandemic and especially Ramadan You may also want to donate on these days when we live. However, you should remember that after entering such an intention, you should be more careful than ever. Because every time you are connected to the internet fake you may come across a website or be exposed to hackers' attacks.

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