Hackers should have captured data from offshore bank


The Distributed Denial of Secrets page has published several hundred thousand internal documents that were allegedly captured by the servers of a Cayman National Bank and Trust spin-off on the Isle of Man. A manifest released with the leak suggests that the well-known hacker activist "Phineas Fisher" is responsible for the action.

The server with the leaked record, which should now cover several terabytes, is currently difficult or impossible to reach, which should probably be due to numerous accesses. Loud motherboard The data includes more than 600,000 internal emails and documents. In addition, "Phineas Fisher" claims to have captured a six-figure dollar amount in the action, which apparently took place in 2016 as well.

Access should be via gaps in the VPN and firewall software used by the bank. The data also includes lists of customer data, including names and addresses of companies and individuals, as well as individual account balances. The Cayman National Bank and Trust has so far not commented on the incident.

The fact that the hack is directed against a bank whose parent company is based in the Cayman Islands and whose affected offshoot is on the British Isle of Man does not seem to be a coincidence: both are known as offshore tax havens, the Cayman Islands even on a "gray list" of the European Commission, because they are considered a global center of money laundering and tax evasion. The manifesto that comes from "Phineas Fisher" and from Unicorn Riot has been published, names political motives for the hack. The Spanish original of the manifesto contains phrases such as "Privacy for the Weak, Transparency for the Powerful" and references to the South American indigenous freedom fighter Tupac Katari.

In addition, following the security industry's usual "Bug Bounty" contests, "Phineas Fisher" is offering up to $ 100,000 in the manifesto as a reward to other hackers who exploit vulnerabilities to capture more internal documents from companies in the US "public interest". As examples the text mentions oil or mining companies as well as manufacturers of spy software.

Who is behind the pseudonym "Phineas Fisher" and whether it is one or more people is so far unclear. However, "Phineas Fisher" is considered responsible for several hacks from spyware manufacturers such as the German Gamma Group (FinFisher, FinSpy) and the Italian company Hacking Team, which caused a stir in 2014 and 2015. By the former leaks had become known that the manufacturers had sold their surveillance software and state Trojans in dictatorial states.


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