Hadise Clip Statement by RTÜK President


RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin spoke about the penalty for Hadise’s Zero Tolerance clip. Şahin said that after the punishment, the clip was watched more.

The clip shot for the famous singer Hadise’s song Zero Tolerance was deemed inappropriate by the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) and announced that the television channels broadcasting the clip were fined 2% of their advertising revenues.

RTÜK President Ebubekir Şahin, who made a statement about the issue approximately three years after the incident, explained how the sentence came out and what happened afterwards. Şahin also announced that the clip was watched more after the sentence.

“Sometimes penalties make clips more popular”


In the statement of Şahin, “Yes, I am a person who believes in the goodness of the punishment. become even more popular we bring. If we penalize the clip of ‘Hadise’, the clip will be even more popular, let’s not do it so I said “” used the expressions.


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Şahin explained how the penalty was issued., “Our friends were for giving, We punished, the clip was watched more. It is not correct to publish nude images in the public press. We also interfere with content that encourages the use of alcohol and tobacco. ” said.

He reacted strongly to the incident

zero tolerance


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Hadise, who made a statement when the clip was punished, “I do not agree with the” erotic “stamp given to my clip and I do not allow it! When a woman takes scenes that tell and reflect a love, it becomes” erotic “but the scenes our male artists shot with female models / actors for some reason never, ever falls into the “erotic” category he used his words.

Zero Tolerance clip released in 2018, now on YouTube Around 135 million has a view count. The famous artist previously shared scenes from the clip on his Twitter account. The clip was very talked about when it was released.

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