Haluk Bilginer Announces Best Actor in Emmy

Haluk Bilginer, who announced the award he won last year this year, announced the winner of the Best Actor Award at the 2020 International Emmy Awards.

Which he was portrayed in the series Agah Beyoglu characters with personalities both in Turkey and abroad acclaimed success this past year and held at the International Emmy Awards “The best actor” master player crowned with award Haluk BilginerThis year, he took part in the ceremony as the person who presented the award.

Organized online due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic 2020 International Emmy AwardsBilginer, who has been connected to Istanbul via video conference, announced this year’s winner of the “Best Actor” award given to him last year. The award went to Billy Barratt for his performance in the movie Responsible Child.

Best Actor Billy Barratt at the 2020 International Emmy Awards

haluk Bilginer


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Bilginer, who wants to make the announcement in a beautiful Bosphorus view, made the live connection from Üsküdar, Istanbul; It attended with a background with a view of the Maiden’s Tower. Bilginer was 13 years old when he announced the winning name. Billy Barrattwas greatly surprised.

Based on real stories from the UK Responsible ChildBilly Barratt, who we saw as the lead role in, was playing a boy who was tried for murder when he was just 12 years old. Directed by Nick Holt, Barratt was accompanied by James Tarpey and Tom Burke.

The video in which Haluk Bilginer announced the Best Actor

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