Hamburg data protection agency fines Facebook


The German Facebook subsidiary was fined 51,000 euros by the Hamburg state data protection officer Johannes Caspar – because the company had not informed him of the change in its data protection officer.

Facebook had transferred the role of data protection officer for all European subsidiaries to the team at the headquarters in Dublin when the EU General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in May 2018. However, this was not reported to the authority in Hamburg, where Facebook Germany GmbH is based. Therefore Caspar imposed the fine in March 2019.

"This case should be a clear warning to all other companies," explained the Hamburg data protection officer in his Annual report for 2019, "The designation of the data protection officer and the notification to the supervisory authority are obligations that the GDPR takes seriously." Facebook explained that from the perspective of the online network, it was legally controversial whether the German company had to provide the contact details of the data protection officer in addition to the Irish authority responsible for Europe. "However, we decided to accept the HmbBfDI's fine," said a spokesman.

Financially, the fine on Facebook is insignificant: In the most recent business quarter, the group had sales of over $ 21 billion (€ 19.4 billion). Profits increased to $ 7.4 billion.


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