Hamburg’s CDU parliamentary group calls for more fire protection for e-bus depots


After a major fire at the Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe (Üstra) in early June, the CDU parliamentary group is calling for a new safety and operating concept for e-buses in Hamburg. “The principle of hope that things will go well, as this Senate is obviously pursuing, does not do justice to local public transport in Hamburg,” said transport policy spokesman Richard Seelmaecker. The cause of the fire in Hanover is still unclear, but the extinguishing work, especially on the battery-powered buses, presented the fire brigade with particular challenges.

On June 5, the fire destroyed a hall with five electric buses, two hybrid buses, a diesel bus and a coach. The burning batteries in the electric buses posed a particular challenge for the fire brigade, as they emit a high level of heat radiation. Until the cause of the fire in the depot has been clarified, the company has taken all remaining e-buses out of service.

The battery buses of the Hamburger Hochbahn are parked at the depots in Alsterdorf and Hummelsbüttel. There are fire alarm systems, video surveillance and extinguishing water supplies, said the Senate in response to a small request from the CDU parliamentary group. The Hamburg-Holstein transport company (VHH) parked its e-buses at depots in Bergedorf and Schenefeld (Pinneberg district). If the VHH fleet includes more than 20 electric vehicles in the future, 20 to 30 buses are to be parked in a block with fire protection separation. Professionals and volunteers The Hamburg fire brigade is adequately equipped to fight vehicle fires, it was said.

Fire in üstra depot in Hanover (June 5th, 2021) – million dollar damage | RND editorial network Germany


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