Hamilton Wins Spanish GP in Formula 1


The winner of the 100th race, in which Lewis Hamilton started from the first place in his career, was also the British driver. It was the pit stop strategy that brought Hamilton to victory on this track, which was very difficult to pass.

In Formula 1, the 2021 season continues at full speed. One of the traditional tracks, Catalunya Circuit, this year, To the Spanish GP hosted. While the start of the race was quite exciting, Max Verstappen he managed to outrun his champion rival Lewis Hamilton on take off.

Japanese pilot from Alpha Tauri team in the first laps of the race Of Yuki Tsunoda vehicle remained on the road. Later, a security vehicle was used to pull Tsunoda’s vehicle out of the way. Closing the difference with Bottas during this period LeClercHe hunted Bottas to 3rd place.

Tactics come to the fore in Spain


The first part of the 66 lap race Verstappen’in passed under his leadership. Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, kept a pace that his opponent did not allow to increase the difference over 2 seconds. From the Mercedes and Red Bull teams the first pilot to make a pit Valtteri became Bottas.

When Verstappen enters the pit In the Red Bull garage there was a confusion. This caused the Dutch pilot to lose about 2 seconds of time. That’s why Hamilton decided to stay on the track for a while. He too Mazepin He had a problem for a while because of it. 5 laps after Verstappen, Hamilton also pitted.

Pit Stop battles


Hamilton and Mercedesmade two pit stops and switched to the strategy of catching Verstappen at the end of the race. The last 20 laps of the race were spent waiting for Hamilton when to catch the Red Bull car. The last champion got a little closer to each round opponent. He managed to outpace his opponent in the 60th round.

After the race Lewis HamiltonHas managed to win the Spanish GP for the 6th time. Verstappen managed to take second place and the fastest lap time. Bottas took third place. Ferrari’s LeClerc took 4th place, while Perez brought Red Bull a 5th.

Next race In Monaco on May 23 to do.