Handwritten Permissions Valid Until May 7


The Ministry of Internal Affairs extended the validity of the work permits filled with handwriting in order not to suffer due to the intensity in the system. The documents signed by the employee and the workplace officer will remain valid until Friday, May 7.

In order for the employees to continue their jobs during the full closure process that will start at 17:00 on April 29 and end on May 17 ‘Work Permit Certificate’ they have to take. Citizens can obtain this document through the e-Application system, as well as documents issued with the signature of the workplace official and employee.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, in a statement made recently, confirms the validity of work permits filled in handwritten. Has been extended until May 2 had announced. The validity of these documents has been extended again in order to avoid grievances due to the intensity in the system.

Handwritten work permits will be valid until May 7:


To the governorships today “Work Permits Duty DocumentsThe Ministry of Internal Affairs, by sending a circular on the subject of exemption, with the declaration and commitment of the employer and the employee and manually filling out the validity period of the “Work Permit Duty Document Form” to be prepared with the signature of the employee and the workplace / company official. Friday, May 7 at 24.00 until reported that it was extended.

In the circular also, in the audits to be made by law enforcement officers; Work permit duty documents obtained through the e-application system are subject to routine control, and manually issued work permit duty documents are information systems used by law enforcement agencies. will be subject to additional inspection throughIn case it is determined that the work permit duty document has been abused during these controls, the necessary administrative and judicial transactions It was emphasized that it will be done.


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In the Ministry circular, which is stated that the applications of persons working in the exempted business lines are evaluated, until 17.00 today, via the e-Application system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the e-Government platform. 2 million 677 thousand It was stated that the application was concluded by making the necessary inquiries and a work permit duty document was issued for the relevant persons.

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