Hard drives: Chia cryptocurrency causes delivery problems in Asia


The hard drive capacity in the Chia network continues to grow exponentially: just three days ago, 3 exabytes were available, today there are already 4. This not only leads to price increases of more than 60 percent for individual drives, but also to delivery bottlenecks: Already at the beginning of the month In Vietnam, for example, there were practically no more hard drives on the market. Some customers would have bought hundreds or thousands instead of individual drives, a Seagate manager told retail magazine Retail Asia. Hard drives with 6 TB or more are no longer available, and overall prices have risen by around 50 percent.

According to the report, the chia boom in Vietnam has not even started yet, and many of these hard drives may end up with customers in neighboring China. Because even hard drives with 4 TB are currently hardly available there. Many Chinese miners are said to have hoarded drives weeks ago in order to have sufficient capacity for the Chia launch in May. The prices there are said to have risen by around 300 percent since the end of last year, reports Retail Asia with reference to the website, which tracks and compares historical prices of products on China’s popular e-commerce platforms.

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More from c't magazine

Drive prices in German retail continue to rise as well. For example, Toshiba’s MG08ACA enterprise drive now costs 650 euros, more than twice as much as it was just a few weeks ago. With other drives there are extreme price jumps: Seagate’s Exos X16 is said to have been available from 630 euros yesterday, Wednesday, the dealer is now calling for 700 euros for it. According to our price comparison tool, the minimum price on May 10th was still 352 euros, on the 9th it was 560 euros.

Bit torrent inventor Bram Cohen originally invented the chia currency as an environmentally friendly alternative to energy-hungry digital currencies like Bitcoin. Chia should only use free space.


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