HBO Max: Streaming Service startet 2021 in Europe

The streaming service HBO Max, which belongs to the US media group WarnerMedia, will also be available to European users from the second half of 2021. The company has not yet announced any specific dates for individual countries or prices; there is likely to be an important restriction with regard to the range of products compared to the USA.

While HBO Max boss Andy Forssell was only available from the Expansion into new markets spoke, which also includes South America, British industry service Broadband TV News gives details to the release plans. Because while in the USA at least all Warner Bros. cinema productions planned for 2021 should start simultaneously in the cinema and at HBO Max, this does not apply to Europe.

The start of the service has an impact on previous HBO offers in Europe. Accordingly, HBO Max is to expand and replace the HBO service available in some European countries, which should have consequences for Sky, among other things. The media company owns the exclusive local broadcasting rights for numerous HBO productions and offers them through various of its own offers and packages.

It remains to be seen whether Sky will lose the rights immediately with the start of the new service, whether there will be parallel operation or HBO Max will have to do without previously licensed content. The latter was the case, for example, at the start of Disney + – Netflix held the broadcasting rights for numerous Disney films at the time – and Netflix in Europe – the in-house production House of Cards, for example, was still only seen by the license holder Sky.

HBO Max has been available in the US since May 2020 and is one of the more expensive streaming services at around $ 15 a month. In addition to HBO and Warner’s own productions, including “Game of Thrones” and The Sopranos, the service also offers purchased content.


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