He saw $ 27 thousand for the first time


Bitcoin, the largest crypto currency in the world, passed the door of $ 25 thousand yesterday. Bitcoin, which exceeded $ 26,000 yesterday, broke the all-time record and reached $ 27,000.

In a news we gave you yesterday, we mentioned that Bitcoin broke a record after a record in 2020 and reached the door of 25 thousand dollars. Since the beginning of the year Gaining more than 200% value It did not take long for the world’s largest crypto currency to exceed $ 25 thousand, on which it was based.

When we transferred to you yesterday at noon 24 thousand 784 dollars reached the door of 25 thousand dollars. It didn’t take long for the world’s largest digital currency to pass that door on which it rests. Bitcoin’s value It exceeded 27 thousand dollars.

Bitcoin exceeded $ 27k

bitcoin worth

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world, experienced a huge decline in late 2018 and early 2019 and It declined to the level of 3000 thousand dollars. The crypto money, which then enters the recovery phase, cannot be prevented.

Worldwide COVID-19 While the financial markets were negatively affected by the epidemic, Bitcoin had a huge rise in 2020. Exceeding the 20 thousand dollar limit, Bitcoin continues to rise, leaving behind the 25 thousand and 26 thousand dollars limit.

When we told you yesterday, the crypto currency, which exceeded 24.7 thousand dollars, exceeded 26 thousand dollars in the afternoon and is currently in the band of 27 thousand 600 dollars as of the moment we make this news. Bitcoin’s TL equivalent is based on 210 thousand liras. Now 1 Bitcoin, 209 bin 37 TL.


New record from Bitcoin: 25K hits the door

Also the rise in Bitcoin “altcoin”It also affects. Ethereum, which was $ 623 yesterday, has now reached $ 650. Likewise, Litecoin, which was $ 127 yesterday, is at $ 134 as of the time we reported.

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