Head of the Museum Association: Money can also be made with digital offers

Museums can also earn money with digital offers. Experience from the Corona period showed that, said the President of the German Museum Association, Eckart Köhne, of the German Press Agency. For example, the range is greater if hundreds of people can take part in digital tours where otherwise maybe 20 people walk through an exhibition.

Experience shows that users paid more for offers in which an expert goes through the show live with a camera and which are not streamed accessible to the general public. “This is then a one-off event,” explained the director of the Badisches Landesmuseum in Karlsruhe. Online access also enables museum guests who are no longer so mobile to visit. Most of them are now technically equipped for this, said Köhne.

The corona crisis also showed that you have to react faster. Major projects, for example at the Badisches Landesmuseum, have two to three years lead time. The result is a demanding catalog. One is not prepared to switch quickly.

With other cultural institutions in the museum4punkt0 network but work on digital models. The Badisches Landesmuseum is a kind of pioneer in this field and has, among other things, introduced an app that you can use to can chat with exhibits.

Nevertheless, the analogue museum visit and the actually installed show would continue to exist, Köhne was convinced. “Big exhibitions will continue to be possible and will continue to be made.” That also brings something to the houses: “For science it is an asset if you can bring different things together.” On-site colloquia are also important for the exchange.

During the coronavirus epidemic, museums in Germany developed a wide range of digital offers, mostly as an alternative to low visitor numbers. But these offers also had enormous potential and should be preserved after the end of the epidemic, said the President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Hermann Parzinger. This is an enormous advertisement for museums. However, the digital versions could never replace the aura of the originals, which is why museum visits remain attractive.


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