Headphones: Apple doubles monthly production of the Airpods Pro


Apple has stepped up production of Airpods Pro in China. That reports Nikkei Asian Review citing sources that were not named. According to the future, two million devices per month will be produced instead of one million. The reason is the strong demand for the wireless headphones with active noise canceling.

Job market

  1. Software AG, Darmstadt
  2. ORBIT Association for Application and Information Systems mbH, Bonn

Responsible for the production is the Chinese supplier Luxshare-ICT. In addition, Apple Luxshare and its competitor Goertek will have been commissioned to increase the production of normal Airpods in their factories in Vietnam.

Nikkei views the request to Chinese suppliers as a setback for Apple's standard suppliers from Taiwan, such as Foxconn, Quanta Computer and Inventec. In addition, the move could be a signal to the US government in Washington, which is currently in a trade dispute with China.

Up to 80 million Airpods Pro next year

By the end of 2018, Apple's top 200 suppliers included 41 companies from China; that's more than from Japan or the US. According to analysts, Apple could sell up to 80 million Airpods Pro in 2020.

Apple's Airpods Pro performed very well in the test of In addition to the good sound, especially the quality of the noise suppression convinced.
Although the earplugs do not quite as well as over-ear headphones with ANC, the outside noise shield; but compared to the competition in the field of wireless earplugs, the Airpods Pro set standards.

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