heise plays “Formula 1 2021” for “Assetto Corsa”: No waiting for Codemasters


Codemasters doesn’t need to hurry with the official Formula 1 game. Admittedly, it took a lot of effort, which we would like to explain in the livestream today, that we have brought the racing game Assetto Corsa up to date in the premier class of racing. All cars, paintwork, drivers and race tracks are ready in a so-called “Custom Championship”.

heise plays the Formula 1 Mod 2021 for Assetto Corsa

The core of our modification is the paid one Formula Hybrid 2020 from Race Sim Studio. The car costs 3.80 euros. For the routes in Spain, Catalunya and the Redbull Circuit in Austria, the DLC packs “Dream Pack 2” and “Red Pack DLC” have to be purchased for 6.99 euros each. Of course, players also need Assetto Corsa, which is now very cheap and often on sale.

Cars, routes and rules are managed and installed via the Content Manager, a kind of Mod Manager. For the complete, detailed instructions can be found here on the website “Race Department”. There user “Cozy61” has already done most of the work for the community and saved the paintwork, driver names and sorting of the season.

We will of course start a new season in Bahrain that evening, just like the real Formula 1, two days later. As usual, heise video journalist Michael Wieczorek (@avavii) sits at the steering wheel in front of his triple-screen setup – three monitors fanned out side by side.

Here is the invite link to the heise-online-Discord-Server, where we look for and discuss new games for “heisespiele” every week.

“Assetto Corsa” has been on the market in the PC version since 2014 and simulates everything you could wish for, from road cars to touring cars to open wheelers. A few weeks ago we presented the top dog in online sim racing “iRacing”. If desired, we can also show and play the simulation and the basic game “Assetto Corsa” after the F1 part in the evening.

heise plays iRacing


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