Heise presents: practical introduction with the new betterCode workshop series ()

So far have iX, heise Developer and dpunkt.verlag Workshops offered to accompany conferences. Now the organizers have decided to repeat workshops that are particularly in demand and also to offer solo practice days on exciting new topics. The digital workshop series starts on June 10th with an additional date to Niko Köbler’s previously booked workshop “Authentication made easy and secure with Keycloak”.

Keycloak is now one of the most widely used authentication, identity and access management systems (IAM) in companies. In the workshop, participants learn how Keycloak can be operated redundantly in a cluster and how external identity providers can be integrated.

On June 11th, Nils Hartmann offers a practical introduction to “Web applications with React and TypeScript“. Using a sample application, the participants see the fundamentals and concepts of React in the code and use the Hooks API. Those who take part learn how to build components, how they communicate with each other and how they can be combined into web applications It is about the type-safe creation of applications with TypeScript.In addition to the exercises, there is time for their own questions, and graduates can assess whether React is the right tool for their future projects.

On June 21, those interested can contact Michael Sperber for the “Turbo introduction to functional programmingFunctional programming has several advantages over traditional object-oriented development: Shorter and more reliable programs, declarative programming and embedded domain-specific languages. In one day, beginners can learn the basic principles and work their way up to advanced techniques. Light programming skills are not a must , but an advantage.

On June 24th Leander Reimer will demonstrate how “Efficient DevOps tooling with GoAccording to the motto “Use the right tool (and language) for the job”, the focus here is on Go for a day, which is establishing itself as a simple and reliable programming language in the area of ​​Docker, Kubernetes, Istio and other tools and infrastructure modules The packed day explores the Go language, its areas of application and a range of tools. The participants build a simple command line tool, turn it into a custom Kubectl plug-in and finally implement a sidecar container. Particularly ambitious graduates can also build a Kubernetes operator.

Before the summer break, Rainer Grimm and Nico Josuttis reload the C ++ cannon: On June 29th there will be a repetition of the practical day “Best Practices for Modern C ++” and on July 4th the “C ++ 20 crash course” with one Overview of the new standard. Both workshops come from the context of the C ++ 20 day and took place at the end of January / beginning of February and were fully booked several times. Those who did not get a chance back then now have the opportunity to consult the two C ++ experts for a deep dive in C ++.

All workshops take place online and all day. Participation in a workshop costs 449 euros (plus 19 percent VAT), others Information about the workshops and their trainers can be found on the betterCode () website. The agenda and requirements are in the detailed view of each workshop.


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