heise + update: the newsletter of July 24, 2020


Dear readers,

gradually my vacation starts getting closer. As with many others, this year I am not planning a long-distance trip, but shorter routes and a trip to the Netherlands. We will stay in the car for a correspondingly long time – unthinkable for kids today without an internet connection, at least if we want to have a reasonably relaxed ride. A mobile LTE router could be worth it so that the old tablet itself, which is still popular on car trips, has no internet and I don’t want to push my own data plan to the limit. What you and I have to pay attention to when buying one, we explain in the article “Mobile router and surfsticks for vacation and car”.

Whether you are streaming music or films via the mobile router, you can only immerse yourself fully in the sound with the right headphones on the go. For this to work, the headphones must be suitable and comfortable. But should it be on-ear or in-ear, do you need an integrated equalizer or active noise canceling?

You don’t need an LTE router or HiFi headphones on your bike. But maybe you want to spend more of your well-deserved vacation on a bicycle. May it be sushi? Before you ask yourself whether the heat has gone to the Zota’s head: The c’t has actually just tested a Pedelec from Sushi Bikes, more precisely the Sushi Maki M1. The exciting thing is that you can’t tell from the bike that it’s an e-bike: the battery looks like a water bottle. But read for yourself.

Now chilled enough: Last but not least, Corona has shown everyone how important digitization is and how quickly it can overwhelm you. It is all the more important to think about responsible digital transformation. It starts with the code: Because software is moving into almost all everyday areas, software developers are getting more and more responsibility … and power. Accordingly, one does not necessarily have to deal with autonomous driving in order to be confronted with ethical questions in software development.

If you are looking for something a little easier to digest after this somewhat harder stuff, then install Chrome OS on a Raspberry Pi for fun. I will try it at the weekend anyway.

I wish you a great weekend, do it well!

Yours, Volker Zota
(Editor in chief heise online)


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