# heiseonline25: Take hops and be taken

The printed sister c’t had been celebrating it for a long time, in 1999 heise online followed in the tradition of sending readers into April with a joke. Back then, everyone was talking about the Y2K problem, which was mainly about the fact that a new millennium should require new decimal places in the year. Further problems with the upcoming millennium change should emerge from the rediscovered records of Pope Gregory XIII. according to which the year 2000 should not be a leap year, contrary to the assumptions valid up to then, reported heise online on April 1, 1999.

It’s actually been 27 years since heise started online with IX editors had installed the publisher’s first web server on the editorial server and showed it at the CeBIT stand. On April 17th, 25 years ago, things really got going on heise online with a news ticker and a first, still rather rudimentary news item. At the same time, a common roof was created with for all of the publisher’s magazines.

Even though we were occupied with many topics again and again in the first few days on heise online, the universe of heise online has expanded considerably in terms of news, topics and offers. All the way to new video and podcast formats and the heise + subscription offer for all articles from heise Medien magazines and exclusive background and know-how articles.

To mark the anniversary, we are launching a series of articles and campaigns that shed light on the history of heise online (and the forums) and provide insights into the background of hardware and software technology, as well as the work of the editorial team. Not to forget one or two quizzes on important events and milestones, and[ […], and … – unfortunately in view of the corona pandemic, unlike the 20th anniversary, this time without a user party. As a reminder, the Spotify playlist for the party an.

In any case: there will also be a lot going on on the occasion of the 25-year-old. Stay tuned!

Another 21 jokes followed until the editorial team decided this year to break with tradition. A year in which the then not observed Corona Easter rest involuntarily tried to outshine all other jokes, as if the federal government had finally tried to dig them up. Of course not the spaghetti harvest launched by the BBC in 1957 in the southernmost tip of Switzerland, a splendid specimen of the kind of mockery, to play with the supposed ignorance of the audience.

Of course, such a high bar can only be broken if you try your hand at it; it would be in vain anyway, or it would be proof of not having fulfilled the task of protecting one’s own readers with a great deal of information from ending up on one arm. That is why April Fool’s jokes on heise online were often limited to spinning the obvious, for example a patent lawsuit because of everyday things or the stationing of a cell phone transmitter on the moon. On these occasions, however, the readers’ forum didn’t think so, please do not give anyone such thoughts – as happened, for example, in the case of the joke with the networked satellite five years later.

In 2020, a US company presented an autonomous leaf blower that is supposed to clean autumn sidewalks – with a range extender.

If you take other hops, you should of course expect to be screwed yourself. This is why heise editors are moving on the Internet with even greater caution and caution on April 1st and immediately began to document their stalking harvests on April 1st, 1999, first sporadically, later also in pictures. Today none of the four jokes documented at the time can ultimately be traced, because no link works anymore. This text breaks off here so that you have enough time to click your way through the april.

Spartan beginnings …
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