#heiseshow: summer! What do we do with PC, laptop and smartphone in the heat?


Finally summer, sun, vacation – and H-IT-ZE! Well, at least for the most part. But the first heat wave has already rolled through in regions that are blessed with bad weather, and more will follow. And when you think of the holiday destinations that many can now head back to, there is less talk of moderate temperatures.

But what do PC, laptop and smartphone do in the heat? Summer temperatures can put heavy strain on the hardware. How much effort do you have to take to fix possible problems or prevent them by optimizing them? What is the best way to clean a PC to ensure the best possible cooling? What precautions help with laptops and smartphones, whose hardware is difficult to intervene in?

We’ll discuss all of this in a new issue of #heiseshow. In addition, of course, we also discuss technical measures to protect the hardware from overheating, such as undervolting or special cooling for SSDs. There are always tips for using the smartphone in summer, but many are still not aware of how vulnerable our constant IT companions are to the sun and heat.

Jürgen Kuri (@jkuri) from the heise online newsroom highlights all of these topics with Mark Mantel from heise online / c’t and Alex Spier (@MutantHappy) from heise online in the new #heiseshow, live from 12 noon.

#heiseshow: summer! What do we do with PC, laptop and smartphone in the heat?




Summer is (more or less) here. Summer temperatures can put a strain on the hardware. In the main topic, we will show you how to solve possible problems with moderate effort or how to prevent them by optimizing them.

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