Hellboy, Sin City, Umbrella Academy etc .: Dark Horse Comics founds game studio

The US comic and manga publisher Dark Horse wants to get into the video game business and has founded its own game studio for this purpose. Dark Horse Games cannot yet come up with specific titles, but the company refers to the wide range of its own content and not only wants to develop games itself in the future, but also issue licenses to developer studios. Accordingly, plans include AAA titles based on comics from Dark Horse, which holds the rights to Hellboy, Frank Miller’s Sin City as well as 300 and Usagi Yojimbo.

Dark Horse Comics was founded in 1986 and has since become the third largest comic book publisher in the United States. Initially, the publishing house stood out from the two undisputed front-runners DC and Marvel mainly in that authors could keep the rights to their characters and universes. Later, the publisher also relied on English translations of Japanese manga. In addition, the publisher has some success with comics for popular television series and movies, which such as Alien vs. Predator were even able to establish their own franchises. One of Dark Horse’s recent successes is The Umbrella Academy, which is now running as a television series on Netflix.

While Dark-Horse already has a lot of experience with the television and cinema market, it looks different with games – even if there are games about Alien vs. Predator or Hellboy. That is about to change, with titles for mobile platforms, consoles, PCs and the cloud. The first content has already been developed assures Dark Horse Gamesbut does not give any names. While the studio itself wants to concentrate on older and less well-known content from Dark Horse, well-known brands are to be licensed to other studios so that they can develop high-quality titles based on them.


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