Henry Cavill Arrives in Total War: Warhammer II with a DLC


British actor Henry Cavill has appeared as a playable character in Total War: Warhammer II's new DLC, The Warden and The Paunch. Also, Cavill is given references in the character's unique features.

Famous actor Henry Cavill is now a character in a game after Netflix plays Rivian Geralt, a game character in The Witcher. Coronavirus days Total War: Warhammer II The famous actor, who spent playing and painting Warhammer character models, was included in the game as a character.

Creative Assembly, developer of Total War: Warhammer II, The Warden and The Paunch, the latest suffix of the game, Supreme Elf Loremaster 'Cavill' Included a character named. In the new expansion, it seems that the Loremaster of Hoeth, called Cavill, is involved as a playable character. Moreover, the character has its own characteristics.

Cavill character of Total War: Warhammer II gives references to Rivian Geralt

total war: warhammer II, henry cavill

Cavill's on the character screen 'White Wolf' It appears to have the feature. Cavill grants +15 bonuses, especially against big enemies. With the White Wolf feature, Geralt, the hero of The Witcher series, is referenced. The second feature of this skill is called "Potion of Toughness". Witchers are known to drink potions before the war.

Another feature called Advocate gives Cavill +3 support points in local regions. The Advocate feature is in praise of Henry Cavill's support during the outbreak.

total war: warhammer II, henry cavill


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The director of the game, Richard Aldridge, said in a statement, "Henry Cavill's playing Total War: Warhammer and Warhammer models When I saw that he enjoyed painting, I thought it would be fun to add himself to the game. The Warden & the Paunch was a good time to include Henry Cavill in the game. What else could be better than having a powerful Hoeth Loremaster with personal features on your side? " spoke in the form.

Total War: Warhammer II's new DLC, The Warden and The Paunch, will be released tomorrow and is available for pre-order at 10% discount on Steam. Steam page of new downloadable content from here You can access.