Hepsiburada Is Publicly Offered on NASDAQ Stock Exchange in the USA


Hepsiburada initiated the necessary initiatives to enter the NASDAQ stock market in the USA. Accordingly, the company, which has applied to the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), will have offered 56 million 740 thousand B group shares to the public.

One of Turkey’s leading e-commerce platforms all hereis offered to the public. However, this process will be carried out in the USA, not in Turkey. According to the information obtained, the company applied to the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in the US stock markets will be processed. This will further increase the company’s presence.

According to the explanations made on the subject, Hepsiburada is available for stock market transactions. Morgan Stanleywill engage directly with Sachs & Co and Morgan Securities LLC and Goldman. Also, several companies sub tool will deal with the share sale transactions of Hepsiburada.

The share prices of Hepsiburada, which will be on the NASDAQ stock exchange, have also been more or less determined.

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of Hepsiburada 56 million 740 thousand B group shares, will begin trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange upon completion of transactions. Investors, these sharesHEPS“. Expectations are per share of the company. 11 ila 13 dollar that he can earn money. The negotiations to be held will have determined the share prices definitively.


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