Hessian Ministry of Culture: No data abuse known in the learning app “Anton”


After the security gap in the learning app “Anton”, the Hessian Ministry of Culture has no cases of data abuse in schools in the state. The responsible data protection officer of the state of Bavaria has taken on the problem and would also inform affected schools in Hesse if necessary, said Minister of Education Alexander Lorz (CDU) on a Small question from the SPD parliamentary group in Wiesbaden with.

According to the Bavarian data protection officer, the security gap was suitable for disclosing the first and last name, school and grade level as well as data on the learning status and the log-in times of the users. The vulnerability has now been fixed by the responsible company. Data journalists from Bayerischer Rundfunk had discovered the security gap.

“Anton” is an advertising-free learning app for the subjects of German, mathematics, music, specialist knowledge and German as a second language for grades 1 to 10. Via the “Anton” platform, teachers can assign tasks for their school classes and track their learning progress. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The state government is aware that the learning application “Anton” is also used in Hessian schools, said Education Minister Lorz. The selection and use of educational learning software is incumbent on the individual schools within the framework of the legal regulations and their educational freedom. However, the schools received support in the selection of suitable digital educational media and tools from specialist advice from the state school authorities.


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