High-Calorie Foods That Make You Feel Full


Feeling healthy and full while fasting depends entirely on the foods we consume. While some foods are only harmful, others make us feel full throughout the day. We have shared with you healthy foods that will make it easier for you to fast and provide a feeling of fullness throughout the day.

People who want to keep with the beginning of Ramadan fasting in Turkey lasting an average of 13 – 15 hours waiting for a period of fasting. Some foods that we consume during suhoor and iftar cause an instant feeling of satiety. Although it loses its effect Some foods can enable us to endure fasting for long hours.

So what are the foods that will keep us full for a long time and how often should we consume them? You will feel healthy and full We have shared with you some foods that will make you feel full all day for a Ramadan month.

Why do some foods create a greater feeling of hunger than others?


Putting aside the survival instinct, the biggest reason we eat regularly is, of course. to eat healthily and to quench our hunger. Sometimes, as we eat, there is no feeling of satiety, the more we eat, the more we eat. Although continuing to eat is related to appetite, some Angel-faced devil Foods, which we can call as, cause our stomach to be hungry more as we eat.

The biggest reason for this is that the food we consume is very nutritious. not being rich. For example, the food that helps create a feeling of satiety is seen as protein, and foods that do not contain protein naturally cannot create this feeling. At the same time, foods with high sugar content, trans fats and high salt are far from creating a feeling of satiety and do us more harm than good.

Does not create a feeling of satiety and for our health of not-so-good foods include; Fast food, ready-made, processed foods, rice, pastry, fruit juice, meals containing monosodium glutamate (such as Far Eastern foods) and light yoghurt.

Foods that are both healthy and satiated

Rolled oats

Rolled oats

If you ask someone who prefers to eat healthy, the food they consume the most, the answer is very likely. Rolled oats will be. Oatmeal, which has a high nutritional value, is one of the foods that helps balance blood sugar during your fasting period. Thanks to the high amount of pulp contained in our body, burns oatmeal over a long period of time and this makes us feel full for a long time.



It is already a known fact that eggs create a feeling of fullness for a long time, but especially during sahur time. combined with wrong foods eggs can be much less useful than we thought. Experts say the egg, which is a complete protein bomb, during sahur hours. boiled He recommends that it be consumed. Even though it is very tasty, with heavy foods such as roasting or sausage When we combine it, we can experience stomach discomfort and an imbalance in our blood sugar.



Dry beans, chickpeas with meat, red mullet … These are indispensable dishes of Turkish cuisine, but They consume these meals more frequently during the month of Ramadan. There are benefits. Legumes, which greatly strengthen your immunity thanks to the abundant magnesium, vitamin E and potassium in it, much healthier and more satiated will make you feel.



Just like oatmeal, avocado is one of the most consumed foods by people who prefer a healthy diet. Unsaturated fat and potassium store The taste of avocado may be a little different, but you can try this food that will create a feeling of satiety for a long time, especially by combining it with eggs and toast in sahur.

Milk and milk products


Firstly too much of everything is harm Let’s agree that it is. When other foods are consumed more than necessary, milk and dairy products do not make much difference when you are fasting. in your gut can cause great discomfort. Even so on time and in the right measure If consumed, foods such as milk, yogurt, kefir and cheese become a source of protein and make you feel full for a long time.



Banana, which is an extremely delicious and healthy fruit, is just like an egg. prolonged feeling of fullness one of the nutrients that create. You can choose your fruit after iftar in the evening or after sahur. without going to extremes If you use banana, you will see the effect it has during the fasting hours.