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  • New study from United Internet Media: Over 90 percent of 16 to 35 year olds use e-mail for both private and formal communication.
  • The email inbox is the central platform in the entire digital customer journey.
  • E-mail as a daily tool communication is essential for young users

United Internet Media (UIM) examined the relevance of the medium and usage motives in the generations Z (16 to 24 years) and Y (25 to 35 years) in the DACH region in the study “E-Mail Use in the Young Generation” . So there is numerous touchpoints of the electronic mailbox when shopping online. E-mail communication is used extensively, from product research to inquiries after the purchase: Over 95 percent of online shoppers in all three countries use the digital mailbox when shopping, from logging in to tracking the shipment.

Email communication
The importance of email when shopping online. (Graphic: United Internet Media)

But there are also country-specific peculiarities: Generation Z in Germany registers more frequently for availability alarms (73 percent), in Austria both generations also use e-mail to receive discount codes via newsletter (Gen Z: 88 percent, Gen Y: 90 percent). Generation Y in Switzerland is also increasingly using digital mail to evaluate products (87 percent).

Popular product groups in online shopping

Top product groups that are bought online in Germany and Austria are clothing, hobby and leisure items and electronics in both generations. In Switzerland, Gen Z and Gen Y are also increasingly booking holidays online. All of that costs: That monthly shopping budget is up to 200 euros per month for over half of the 16 to 35 year olds surveyed in Germany and Austria. In Switzerland, more than two thirds can spend up to 300 Swiss francs.

Email communication
90 percent of those surveyed use e-mail for communication. (Graphic: United Internet Media)

“The results underline the enormous potential of e-mail for addressing customers in all phases of digital trading. In all three countries there are special features in online shopping that marketers should pay attention to in order to make the most of the touchpoints for their brands and products. As a central platform during the entire digital customer journey, e-mail portals belong in every media plan to support branding and sales, ”explains Rasmus Giese, CEO of United Internet Media.

E-mail communication – an important link between letters and messengers

In Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland, e-mail communication is an important link between traditional letter post and messenger services for the younger generations. but also, for example, as a flexible pin board, on which communication can be carried out quickly and flexibly, as with a messenger service. In addition, the digital mailbox works like a virtual safe that users can access anytime and anywhere, for example for travel documents and online tickets.

Email communication
E-mail accompanies Gen Z and Y while shopping online. (Graphic: United Internet Media)

With its wide range of functions, e-mail has become an indispensable part of everyday life for generations Z and Y: At Gen Z in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, over 70 percent consider e-mail to be indispensable; in Germany and Austria even higher, in the German Gen Y, e-mail is indispensable for 83 percent.

The screen size shows clear usage patterns in e-mail communication: The digital messages tend to be written on the big screen, but read on the small screen. Gen Y in Austria is an exception; 74 percent say that they write their e-mails on the small screen, which is a higher number than on the big screen.

About the methodology of the study: In the study “E-Mail Use in the Young Generation”, United Internet Media examined the relevance of the medium and usage motives in generations Z (16 to 24 years) and Y (25 to 35 years). The market research institute [m]In a previous qualitative phase, Science conducted online discussions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with 70 participants. This was followed by a quantitative analysis in the form of an online survey with 1,000 online users each from the DACH region.
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