High-speed train: JR Central puts new Shinkansen into service

The Japanese railway company Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) has put a new high-speed train into service. The train has its own energy supply on board.

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Shinkansen N700S is the new train, the S stands for Supreme. It has been in service on the Tokaido-Shinkansen route between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka since last week. Its cruising speed is 285 km / h. During the test drives in 2019, he achieved a speed of 360 km / h.

The Shinkansen N700 is the successor to the N700A and differs only slightly from it: The nose of the railcar has been slightly modified to improve airflow and reduce noise in tunnels. However, according to the name, the journey on the train should be more comfortable for the passengers. The seats should be more comfortable, there should be more leg room and there is a socket on each seat. The train should also vibrate less than its predecessors.

An important technical innovation is that the train is equipped with lithium-ion batteries. They stored enough electricity that the train could still reach the next evacuation point on the route if the overhead line failed. reports the daily Japan Times. This serves civil protection: Japan is at risk from earthquakes. However, there was no question of how far the train could travel on its own.

JR Central wanted to put the train into service for the Tokyo Summer Olympics. They should have opened on July 24th; however, they were postponed to the summer of next year because of the Covid 19 pandemic. The railway company currently operates four trains. In the course of the current fiscal year, which ends in March 2021, eight are to be added. By March 2022, 40 Shinkansen N700S should be in use.

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