Hisense Introduces Its E-Ink Screen Music Player


Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense has introduced its new music player with an E Ink display. The device with a black and white screen offers Hi-Fi sound support. The device is expected to be available for sale in the coming weeks.

Chinese electronics manufacturer Hisense, With E Ink technology He managed to attract attention by moving the screen to smartphones. Today, the company has moved this technology to a brand new product, a music player. Hisense Touch The so-called E Ink display device has been developed as a helpful tool for professionals.

Hisense Touch has a thickness of 8 millimeters and a weight of 155 grams. The entire body of the device consists of a single metal part. The device has 50 W fast charging support and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Of the device 5.84 inches in size The black and white E Ink display works with the ambient light sensor and thus automatically adjusts the color temperature.

Hisense Touch features:


Hisense Touch has a dynamic screen refresh rate feature. Therefore, when the user touches the screen, the clarity of the screen decreases to provide a higher refresh rate. When the user takes their finger off the screen, the screen quality returns to the original level. This is also a better quality reading experience offers.

As a music player, Hisense Touch hosts pieces that will do the job of professionals. Device, ES9038 flagship decoder chip and With ES9603 standalone amp chip Offers Hi-Fi audio support. ES9603 amplifier chip supports 384 kHZ / 32 bit output. The device also offers an optimized dual speaker.


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The only sad thing about Hisense Touch is that, like many of the company’s products, the device will only be available in China. It will be on sale in 2-3 weeks The device described is with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage model 1,599 yuan (approximately $ 2,090) can be pre-ordered in return.