Holographic Virtual Environment Treatment Patients Checking in Turkey

With the Medical Hologram Project, which was developed in Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and started to be implemented for the first time in the world, medical students experience and examine holographic patients in a virtual environment. The project, which draws attention by Europe and America, can completely eliminate cadaveric application in the future.

Founded in 2017, Istanbul University, at first augmented and mixed reality lab in Turkey Medical Hologram Laboratory Projecthas integrated the applications into the distance education system and carried the education to a higher level. Hologram patients and medical students started their virtual education in the world for the first time in 2018 within the scope of the project. Thanks to the specially designed program, the students gain experience by examining and treating holographic patients before real patients. With this idea he presented in 2017, he received the TÜBİTAK award from Istanbul Medical Faculty Pediatric Surgery Department Research Assistant. With Mürsel Haspulat project, the first time in the world was brought to life in Turkey.

'Education Was Realized For The First Time In Anchor Medical Faculty In The World'

The idea of ​​the project, which explains the application, is the Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Surgery Res. See. Dr. Mürsel Haspulat, "Was brewed in 2016 for the first time the idea. We looked at the next poll graduating medical students, we saw that they feel themselves insufficient by 50-60 percent. It was one of the first from augmented reality glasses to Turkey continue this, what can we do he think of cadavers and patients holographically Let's create and We thought that medical students would gain experience on these because their quotas were increasing, they could not attend every lesson, they were inadequate. . even here in the first augmented reality laboratory in Turkey " spoke in the form.

'We May Not Need Cadaver in the Future'

Haspulat, thanks to the application of anatomy lessons the cadaver Stating that it started to be made with holographic models without the need, "Thus, in the next period, students will be able to perform their education in a virtual environment almost as if they were not needed. We will say that we will definitely not need cadavers in the future. Because when you model it in a very detailed way, the holographic models here allow you to understand all the layers, the liver, the intestines, to the texture. They can practice again and again. It is not always possible to open a cadaver lab. You can go and go whenever you want, but here we offer students the opportunity to try as many repetitions as you want without coming to the hospital. " said.

Coronavirus gained more importance during the epidemic period

Expressing that the project gained more importance during the coronavirus epidemic period, "With virtual reality glasses to be provided, student groups will start training with the help of virtual teachers and assistants from their homes with virtual patients and anatomical models" said.

Haspulat pointed out that virtual trainings will make a significant contribution to the distance education model that will be carried out due to the virus, "The importance of this technology has increased gradually during the corona virus period, because students can wear glasses from home and work with holographic cadaver and patient models. Therefore, it has become very important for education to continue." used expressions.

'We Will Begin to Design the Virtual Guide of the Robot on Virtual Patients'

Noting that Haspulat, the American firm, which is the owner of the only surgical robot used in surgeries in the world, also attracted the attention and reached them. "In the past months, the Ministry of Health of the United States has approved the use of holonens glasses even in operations other than education. When you wear the glasses, a doctor can help you remotely. The only robot used. The company that is the manufacturer of this robot has reached us. was also very important in terms of requesting a robotics technology training platform from us.Haspulat also stated that the project was also partnered with Royal London Hospital and Queen Mary University within the Barts NHS Trust from England.

'Its spread to the world is very proud'

Medical Hologram ProjectEmphasizing that the world has attracted attention worldwide, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Department of Pediatric Surgery Research Assistant. Mürsel Haspulat, "Obviously very exciting, no human belief comes either. We had a video conference with his doctor Roxane Gardner two months ago and said," You are far ahead of us, we are taking baby steps. " This was very proud. Korona Designed by Turkey's experience in virtual corona virus patients will still offer them in the form of training packages. They really want to try this too. It is very proud that such developments are transformed into technology by converting our health system into education and spreading to the world from here." said.

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