Honda Officially Closed Its Gebze Factory


Honda completely closed its automobile factory in Gebze Şekerpınar, which has been operating since 1997. The factory, where the last domestically produced Honda Civic was taken off the production line, will be delivered to HABAŞ by the end of the year.

Honda announced in 2019, Its factory operating in Gebze since 97 announced that they will close this year, in 2021. Things went as planned and the Japanese auto giant closed the doors of the factory where the domestic Honda Civic was produced.

As of yesterday, the last Honda Civic model was taken off the production line in the factory, which provides employment for approximately 2 thousand people. Honda Civic Sedan, whose new model will be released in October, import from now on will be done.

The factory will be transferred to HABAŞ at the end of the year.

honda factory

As you know, although many models of the Japanese automobile giant are imported, the Civic Sedan model has been produced in our country for a very long time. On the last day of the factory, the employees made the following statements with the last Honda Civic off the production line; “The last vehicle of 2021 Honda Civic. There is no vehicle production in Turkey anymore.”

The factory, which has been active for 24 years, will be transferred to the HABAŞ community (Hamdi Başaran Topkapı Oxygen Factory) at the end of this year. In this factory located in Gebze, Habaş What type of activity will has not yet been disclosed.

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