How a 3D avatar changes online shopping – eCommerce Magazin

The challenges in e-commerce are particularly evident with providers whose products have to be specially tailored to the body proportions of the customer, such as clothing, bicycles or mattresses. If these products do not fit, the purchase is canceled immediately, which causes high costs for online retailers and at the same time pollutes the environment.

Find the right product in seconds

Which dress size is the right one? Which product best suits the respective customer preferences? These questions can only be answered in e-commerce if you look at the complete stature of each customer individually. After all, with certain products, it is not only the body size that matters, but also the body proportions of the person. These can best be displayed in the online shop with a 3D avatar that precisely reproduces the body dimensions. To create an avatar, customers upload one or two full-body photos and, if necessary, add personal data such as height or weight. This is followed by a 3D scan that creates a personal 3D avatar in a few seconds.

In order to create a recommendation for the customer, the corresponding product, for example a mattress, is virtually merged with the 3D avatar. The physical simulation evaluates how comfortably the customer would sleep on it for one night. This objective method is very precise and increases the accuracy of the recommendation, which increases customer satisfaction and significantly reduces the return rate.

In order to create a recommendation for the customer, the product, like a mattress here, is virtually merged with the 3D avatar. (Image: Motesque)

The customize trend for various industries

3D scanning is already used in the fashion industry to precisely measure body shapes, give size recommendations and sell fashion in a more targeted manner. Because the size information and the associated dimensions of a garment often differ from brand to brand. As a result, customers often order and return an item of clothing in several sizes, which leads to high profit losses for online retailers. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation appreciates that Loss to $ 500 billion a year. That is why the fashion industry is increasingly relying on solutions that recommend the right size to the customer and thus lead to fewer returns.

The 3D avatar solution is even more important when it comes to advice-intensive products. This could be mattresses or bicycles, for example. Bicycles in particular were able to do so last year an increase in sales in the three-digit million range record. It was almost omitted a quarter of total sales in the German bicycle market on online trading. But how do you ensure that customers order the right bike online? The answer lies clearly in the use of the 3D avatar, which is placed on the bike and can therefore recommend the correct frame size and the optimal setting of the saddle.

With the help of a 3D avatar, the correct frame size of the bike can be determined. (Image: Motesque)

How AI and biomechanics can make purchasing decisions easier

Is pioneering the use of 3D avatar technology Motesque based in Cologne and New York City. The experts in biomechanics and artificial intelligence have been developing customer-oriented solutions for the health tech and e-commerce market for several years. With its 3D avatar solution, Motesque enables manufacturers and retailers to capture body shapes and convert them into personalized product recommendations. The focus is on the customer’s ergonomic posture, so that long-term damage caused by incorrect stress such as lying down or sitting incorrectly is minimized. In addition, time-consuming comparisons of products and frustration when buying online are a thing of the past, as are countless returns and an additional burden on the environment.

With Motesque’s 3D avatar technology, body shapes are recorded and converted into personalized product recommendations. (Image: Motesque)