How accurate was Battlefield 1 history?

Although the First World War is one of the most important historical events in western history, it is a subject that is frequently discussed in the game world. The feelings of cruelty, destruction, fear and heroism brought about by the war manage to deeply affect many players. Of course, when it comes to war, historical reality also plays an important role. How accurate is it in the historical context of Battlefield 1? We all take a closer look at it.

World War Iis one of the scariest and biggest conflicts in human history. In this war that led to almost 40 million deaths worldwide, it only lasted 303 days. You gave On average, more than 2 thousand soldiers per day died on the front. The impact of war on the territory of our country also passed into history, the foundations of the Republic of Turkey was also thrown after the war. So how are these historical facts reflected in our games? We need to take a closer look at Battlefield 1, which is a bit old but unforgettable.

In fact, the historical event is frequently used in the game world. The game developers working on the war system, weapons and many big and small details imaginable of the period are trying to reveal the most historically accurate game. In this context,Battlefield 1 how historically accurate? ” We sought an answer to the question.

The categories that we examine from the historical perspective of Battlefield 1:

The realism of the guns:

battlefield 1 weapons

When we talk about world wars themed games, most of us first think of the weapons used in the game. The accuracy of the weapons, which have become our limbs in the game, according to the period they belong to, is of great importance in such games. In Battlefield 1, there are both weapons that were not used on the battlefield, but theoretically, weapons that could be used and weapons that were actually used in the First World War.

For example, one of the most famous weapons used in the Battlefield 1 game, the gas Cei-Rigotti rifles Although it is a weapon designed and produced in the late 19th century, it was never officially used in the First World War. In this regard, Aleksander Grøndal, who leads the developer team of the game, “Although this weapon was not officially used in war, some people may have acquired it during the war. That’s why we wanted to be creative about weapons using all the features of the era. using expressions.

battlefield 1 guns lewis gun

In addition, Grøndal stated that during the First World War in 1916, tanks and armored vehicles were not as popular as the Second World War, and to make an event with devastating effects such as the First World War more enjoyable in the game frame, he made tanks and armored vehicles an important part of the game. He states that they have brought.

battlefield 1 weapons benet

When the guns in the game are shown to a historian named Jonathan Casey, Casey says that the weapons in the game are very similar to wartime weapons. But on these weapons, the developer team has used creativity again. Again, according to Casey, the historical the most accurate weaponsappears as machine guns on fighter planes. We use in the game; MP28, Lewis Gun and Benet-Mercier Popular weapons such as these come in designed to be quite realistic, with only a few minor changes.

Zeppelins and reconnaissance balloons in general:

battlefield 1 zeppelins

Continuing from Jonathan Casey’s notes, the most frequently used in Battlefield 1 zeppelins and reconnaissance balloons We can also learn important things with. Although zeppelins and blimps were used during the First World War, it is thought that these objects were placed in the game for the pleasure part of the work. But according to Casey, these balloons were generally used during the Second World War. During the First World War, balloons were generally suspended in the air with the help of a crane and were mostly used to create an air barricade and to observe the enemy.

battlefield 1 scout balloons

Although zeppelins were used to bomb enemy trenches and cities during the First World War, these vehicles were not as dangerous as one thought, in terms of speed and technical efficiency.

In addition, in the image above, there is a soldier running on the zeppelin Casey was confused by a situation. Stating that he has never seen such a thing anywhere before, the historian finds it quite unrealistic that a soldier running with a machine gun on a zeppelin suspended hundreds of meters high. Indeed, while such scenes add fun to the game, they can also destroy the realistic atmosphere of the game.

Gameplay in general:

battlefield 1 gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the Battlefield 1 developer team has done some tricks to make the game faster, fluid and enjoyable. The historian Jonathan Casey, who points out the episodes where we fight from house to house in the villages, says that the war system in these parts does not reflect the truth and these scenes are mostly found in World War II. Stalingrad He states that it looks like their facades.

Stating that running with a machine gun in his hand in an environment where bombs explode constantly and houses are destroyed is not realistic even for the First World War, Casey also states that German soldiers who usually wear gloves do not actually have such gloves.

battlefield gameplay tanks

Referring to the explosion of tanks with hand grenades, the historian Casey said that it is correct to link a few grenades together in order to increase the explosive power, but FT17 He explains that it is quite unrealistic to be able to throw a bomb with a rifle in your hand and detonate this tank while it is coming towards you.

Another element that shakes the realism of the Battlefield games is the medical class. With this class, your friends who were wounded in the war morphine needles thanks to you can return to war. But in real war, according to Casey, soldiers in the medical class don’t run around with machine guns and stick a needle left and right. Instead, medical soldiers follow the army from behind and deal with the wounded in a safer environment.

How accurate is Battlefield 1 historically?

Is Battlefield 1 historically correct

When we look at the whole game, Battlefield 1, unfortunately, cannot give the feeling that we are really experiencing the First World War in general. Although the weapons in the game are designed in a more realistic way than many other war games, Battlefield 1 focuses more on the fun and creativity of the work rather than historical accuracy.

Electronic ArtsAleksander Grøndal, who is in charge of the DICE team, is also about this issue; With Battlefield 1, one of the most important events in western history Drawing attention to the First World War era He states that they want and they want to fuel the impulse of the players to have information about this period while having fun.

Combining historical reality with period elements not found in war and especially the creativity of the developer team Battlefield 1 Despite everything, it turns out to be an enjoyable game to play. What do you think about Battlefield 1? Do you think the game could be made more realistic? You can share your opinions and thoughts with us in the comments section.