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Online fraud, and therefore the dangers of online shopping, has increased and increased significantly during the recent pandemic and economic downturn estimated losses of $ 12 billion worldwide guided. As the recent cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline showed, these attacks are not only widespread. They’re also getting more and more sophisticated. Fortunately, criminals often leave traceable ‘fingerprints’ in abusive transactions. Checking every single transaction for signs of fraudulent activity would be impossible without adaptive technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) like that of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection.

“We take the dangers of online shopping extremely seriously”

Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive program for companies. It includes numerous functions such as sales, marketing, finance, supply chain and human resources, and also fraud protection. Its integration enables the use of preprogrammed fraud controls as well as adaptive AI. This learns to recognize fraud attempts on the customer’s website better and better. At the same time, it benefits from a worldwide fraud protection network. Customers of Worldline can see in real time how Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection works thanks to an intuitive user interface (UI). You can balance fraud prevention and customer experience through a comprehensive dashboard. This analyzes false positives, optimizes rules in order to increase the acceptance of transactions and also uses a virtual fraud analysis surface. In this way, customers can weigh their risk tolerance or fraud tolerance against the customer experience.

Panteha Pedram, Director of Fraud and Risk Products at Worldline, said, “Microsoft is a global leader in dozens of digital industries. After thoroughly examining the anti-fraud solutions on the market, we have come to believe that Microsoft is the ideal partner to bring this fraud protection technology to our customers. We take fraud and the dangers of online shopping extremely seriously. In view of the size of our customer base and the performance of the Microsoft solution, we are confident that we can put a noticeable stop to online fraud and make online business future-proof. ”

Custom-fit solution with seamless integration

Robin Brenner, Senior Director of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection Microsoft, about the collaboration: “Worldline is a leading global provider of payment and transaction services. We look forward to working together to deliver our modern, cloud-based fraud protection solution to Worldline customers worldwide. Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is based on the technology that protects Microsoft companies from Azure to Xbox. Our solution combines the latest adaptive AI with a global anti-fraud network spanning millions of users to help companies fight both criminal and friendly fraud while maximizing their bottom line. ”

Worldline and Microsoft have integrated the Dynamics 365 solution into Worldline’s global merchant services platform. Thus, you have created a specialized and tailor-made solution. Worldline customers can use this immediately and do not have to spend any time on press releases
Installation or onboarding. This is an immediate seamless integration without unpleasant
Impact on customer experience guaranteed.

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