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Mr. Glißmann, the trend in the Amazon FBA program has experienced an enormous upswing in recent years. What inspired you to get into the business yourself – and how did the idea of ​​professionalising the topic and founding Amzscale come about?

Maurice Glißmann: I started traditional retail around ten years ago, buying third-party brands and selling them again over the Internet. A little later, Amazon started its FBA program in Germany. As a young entrepreneur with manageable financial resources, that was perfect. Amazon not only offered access to millions of affluent customers, it also provided a solution for a major challenge in e-commerce: scalable storage space and end customer logistics. Over the years I have built up a number of brands and managed them myself. The projects grew in Germany, but also in the USA.

Since the “Amazon” system works the same everywhere in the world, I was able to acquire larger consulting customers in the USA with a small team very quickly. So the idea arose to offer investors and customers an opportunity to benefit from the e-commerce boom as well. There is now so much demand for our services that with Amscale we are creating a platform around the world that supports brands in scaling.

E-commerce is considered to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the corona pandemic. Did you notice an increase in new customers during the pandemic? If so, how did you deal with the growth?

In fact, we noticed an increased demand for our services, but also for the sales of our customer brands. The corona pandemic has only accelerated what we have been observing in e-commerce for years. Because the growth has been gigantic for years. In addition, however, there were massive inquiries from classic investors. Many are suddenly looking for market access to e-commerce – theirs Amscale offers. Without their own expertise, network or know-how, they succeed in entering e-commerce. That is brand building as a service.

Recently Elevat3 invested in Amzscale. What do you hope for from the investment and which measures do you want to implement with the fresh capital?

The expansion of a platform requires a lot of resources. With Elevat3 we have found a partner who not only brings our vision, but also a very large network and know-how. We had discussions with many important investors, but finally decided on the “perfect match”. Together with Elevat3 we will develop a global platform for e-commerce brands. We will accompany the entire life cycle of a brand from the start phase to a possible exit. Along the way, brands have to cope with various growth challenges that we can provide excellent support with.

Amzscale is committed to successfully building brands on Amazon. What makes you different from the competition?

We are the only ones in the world with an all-encompassing brand building approach. We consider an e-commerce brand as a whole, especially with all its challenges in growth. The platform of Amzscale will support every brand in the best possible way, regardless of the phase, and deliver the right services and solutions. That is why we rely on technology and machine learning processes to better understand and fuel the brands on the platform. In the next few weeks and months we will roll out more than twelve core modules and work intensively on optimizing our algorithms.

On your website, you talk about building profitable Amazon brands explicitly for investors. What is it all about with a view to the future? Can we imagine that in the future investors can bet on the success of individual Amazon brands, similar to investing in start-ups or stocks?

Our vision is not only to help large investors build an e-commerce brand, but also to open up this exciting market to conventional investors. We have already created a worldwide novelty for this, which we will present to the public in the next few weeks.

It will be Christmas Eve in about three months, but Christmas is already just around the corner for e-commerce. What should entrepreneurs who are still new to the online business pay special attention to at Amazon FBA?