How Google's Doodle Teachers' Day Appears

Teachers' Day, which is celebrated every year in our country on November 24, how and when did it appear for the first time? Come on, let's take a short look at the history of this day, where Google even prepared special doodle designs.

Google works on the cultural days of each country On November 24th celebrated Teachers' Day special doodle design. In the animation, where a red octopus takes on the role of a versatile teacher, the other fish seem to be students who help the octopus.

When users click on Google's Teachers' Day design, they're presented with content, information, messages and visuals for the special day. Google has won the appreciation of many users not to miss this special day which has a very important value in our country. Now if you wish, you will date and reason for exit Let's have a brief look.

What is Teacher's Day?

Teachers' Day

The date of this special day, which is celebrated every year on November 24, in order to honor the teachers in our country, dates back to 1928. The founder of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's Republic of Turkey on November 24, 1928 Head of the School of NationsThis date, which is the anniversary of the day it accepts, gains its meaning from this special day.

The Council of Ministers "Nation Schools Primary School" title November 11, 1928 on 24 November and was officially approved on 24 November. The first celebration of this day in our country Atatürk's 100th birthday This corresponds to the date of November 24, 1981.

Teachers' Day is celebrated on different dates in each country:

Teachers' Day date

Celebrated on different dates in each country, this special day has been celebrated every year in many countries since 1994. October 5 Day is considered as Teachers' Day with UNESCO recommendation. October 5 means the anniversary of the Special Intergovernmental Conference on the Status of Teachers in Paris in 1966.


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Countries own cultural history and 12 Arab countries are celebrated on 28 February each year, Iran on 2 May and Australia on the last Friday of October.

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