How is TRT EBA TV Frequency Setting?

Intermediate education will continue remotely in primary, secondary and high schools due to the COVID-2019 outbreak. Ministry of National Education has opened 3 new EBA TV education channels within TRT. Training on these channels will start on 23 March 2020. So how to make TRT EBA TV frequency settings, what is EBA TV curriculum?

Epidemic disease caused by new type coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Covidien-2019has left the education system under its influence in our country. While the students continue to stay at their homes until the danger of epidemic passes, MEB, distance education started to implement their systems. Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk informed that EBA TVs connected to TRT will be broadcast on TV and explained the whole process.

TRT EBA TV frequencies and will be broadcast on EBA TV course schedules It was finalized. According to the statements of the Ministry of National Education, broadcasts will be made in 3 different channels, with 6 different frequencies. 3 of these channels will broadcast in HD and 3 in SD quality. Thus, even on TVs that are not compatible with HD channels, lessons can be easily watched. Well EBA TV frequency settings how to do EBA TV course what?

eba tv

How to set TRT EBA TV Frequencies?

  • control your Menu Press the button.
  • From the menu that appears satellite list Scroll to. (It may also be an installation or something similar.)
  • Manual channel search Scroll to.
  • On the screen that comes up TRT EBA TV frequency information Enter.
  • TRT EBA frequency information:
    • Satellite: TURKSAT
    • Channel: TRT Eğitim HD / 1/2/3
    • Frequency: 12083 H 13750

When you enter the frequency information, you may encounter Flying Bird TV. Don't worry, if you see TRT EBA TV in the channel list, you are in the right place.

NOTE: Adding channels manually may differ for your TV brand. The names of the menus and keys may differ, but the operations are basically the same.

When will the Classes be broadcast on EBA TV?

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Classes will be broadcast on EBA TV at different times every weekday. Lessons were set at a certain time of the day for each class. Grades 1, 5 and 9 open the school at 9 in the morning. The remaining groups are devoted to different times of the day.

TRT EBA TV Curriculum:

eba lessons

He stated that Education Minister Ziya Selçuk knows the difference between home and school and students cannot listen to the lesson with the same care at home. So the lessons are not 40 minutes, as in the school. 20-minute lessons will be held. Primary school, middle School and high schools Selçuk, who shared her programs, did not forget the students who could miss the lessons. Program repeat lessons also added.

EBA TV primary school program:

eba primary school

EBA TV secondary school program:

eba secondary school

EBA TV high school program:

eba high school

All of the students enrolled in educational institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education have to continue their education considering the above-mentioned curriculum. Outbreak of COVID-2019 trainings will continue remotely until During this time, we recommend all our student friends to follow their classes on time and wish them success.