How Much Do YouTubers Earn per 1 Million Views?


The world-renowned YouTubers explained to Business Insider how much they earn on average per 1 million views. YouTubers, whose revenue varies according to each other, attribute this change to audience actions and the type of advertisers.

A YouTube video with 1 million views does not generate the same revenue for each content producer or video. In fact, the amount of money earned per YouTube on the same number of views can vary greatly, even per video. Earnings at this point, video ad type and can vary up to the actions of the audience.

Some leading content producers have some ad placement strategies to earn as much money as possible, and the money earned from a video often varies depending on the length of time it is watched, the length of the video, and audience demographics. Business Insider, different from each other 4 YouTuber and clarified this issue.

Marina Mogilko / $ 10 thousand (1.5 million views):

Marina Mogilko

Marina Mogilko has three different YouTube channels: language, lifestyle and business. YouTuber in his interview business channelsays it's more appealing to advertisers because of the content type, and makes them more profitable than the other two channels.

At this point, Mogilko, the business channel Silicon Valley Girl’s $ 10.73 on average for every 1,000 views Gaining. The language channel Linguamarina earns an average of $ 4 per view and the third lifestyle channel earns about $ 2.71 for 1,000 views.

Kevin David / $ 40,000 (1.1 million views):

Kevin David

David, an 800,000 subscribed YouTube creator and entrepreneur, from his video 'Shopify Training for Beginners' $ 40,000 says he earns income. David said that he made this video while staying in a cheap hotel in Australia without cameras or equipment, and that his videos earned so much because he focused on business issues that appeal to advertisers.

Austen Alexander / $ 6,000 (1 million views):

Austen Alexander

Austen Alexander, a YouTuber with 135,000 subscribers and an active navy in the US Navy, roughly from Google AdSense revenue with 1 million views $ 6,000 says he won.


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Shelby Church / $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 (1 million views):

Shelby Church

Shelby is a 1.2 million subscribed YouTube channel. Between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars He stated that he had obtained varying earnings. Shelby has over 17 million videos with more than 1 million views, most of which comes from sponsored publications. YouTuber usually keeps their videos for more than 10 minutes and says they can get more ads (4 ads on average).

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