How Much of Graphics Cards Are Used for Mining?

According to a study, it was revealed how much of the graphics cards sold in the first quarter of 2021 were used for mining. The least preferred of these graphics cards were NVIDIA’s new LHR technology graphics cards.

crypto miners graphics card market in the last few years. bleeding wound they have been. Graphics cards produced especially for mining from the lack of then the miners made for the game For gamers to start buying video cards video card crisis had triggered.

In a study, it was determined how many video cards are in the benches used for mining instead of computers. This figure is for 2021. quite high.

The end of graphics cards is mining

Of JPR According to his research, by 2021 in the first quarter sold graphics cards %25’It is used for mining. This percentile is approximately 700.000 to the graphics card and from 500 million dollars corresponds to more money.

According to the study, these figures are only professional mining It covers the graphics cards purchased for the purpose. Taken with the computer make some money graphics cards used with the hope of these numbers not included. However, at this point, computer sales decreased and video card sales decreased. made the ceiling should also be noted. This is why the increasing prices of graphics cards to stop the rise it’s not enough.

NVIDIA’s new technology works

In the prepared report, NVIDIA’s new graphics cards are also LHR technology We can see that it works. RTX 3080 Ti While graphics cards with LHR technology, such as these, are not preferred by miners, RTX 3090 demand for unlocked cards for miners, such as much more. Although NVIDIA offers the technology it calls LHR to prevent these sales, AMD has not yet taken any steps in this regard.


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Although 25% seems like a large percentage, it is most likely miners who bought these graphics cards. for a while won’t take graphics card. This is graphics card sales. albeit partially It can mean relaxation.

Ethereum’un still on the rise Considering that the graphics cards are quite useful for those who want to mine, attractive is coming. Users who want to buy a new video card to play games until this situation changes. it will be a little difficult looks like.

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